Pre-Programmed Functions

Pre-programmed function keys allow you to quickly determine cost/sell/margin calculations.

Transactions History

Quickly access your last 100 functions. Recurring calculations are remembered and quickly repeated saving you time and effort.

Totally Customizable

Set the tax rate for wherever you travel. In addition, choose from a few skins to suit your style.

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An Invaluable tool

CalculatorBiz provides a convenient, simple, fast and stylish way to perform all the calculations that are instrumental to run a successful business, but at a fraction of the cost.

Designed with today’s savvy salesperson in mind

We utilize calculators in the office daily to determine gross profit, sales discounts for bid opportunities, Year-over-Year growth, etc. But none of us likes to bring that cheap, bulky calculator on our business trips when we have a cutting-edge smartphone with us at all times!

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  • John Hawkes,

    A great sales tool. Recommended for anyone that travels.

  • Bryan Slayman,

    I've been looking for a calculator that will quickly give me margin, cost and sell price for day to day work. I use it everyday and highly recommend it.

  • Gavin Nelson / Account Manager,

    I have been looking for an App replacement of my old TI Calculator for a long long time, I am so happy I found CalculatorBiz... Last thing I need is to travel with one more old clunky device!  The App looks fantastic too, great job!

  • Mike Grigoruck - Sales Director,

    Great App, it replaces my old calculator I had to carry everywhere and does exactly the same and even more. I really like the history and it is very easy to access.

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